Powerful billing solution for worldwide voice content payment

Top-up by multiple payment methods incl. PayPal, Credit Card and Bitcoins

Prepaid Phone Payment
Prepaid Phone System
  • Charge your users worldwide for live or IVR/audiotex based services without the need for premium rate numbers like 0900.
  • Earn high margins and payouts with flexible tariffs and less bureaucracy
  • Benefit from multiple payment methods like PayPal, Credit Card, Bitcoin and Lightning
  • conversion tracking: supports postback of tracking pixels

Suitable for all kinds of premium voice contents.

first:PrepaidPhoneSystem manages callers, credits and top-up payments.

Callers were identified by network provided CLI and can use premium voice content (e.g. live consultants) as long as their accounts are full. To top-up credits user just can use PayPal, Credit Card or Bitcoins.  Other payment methods will be implemented on demand.

first:PrepaidPhoneSystem keeps callers informed about their credits and when its time to top-up their account. Depending on the acquirer’s options, caller’s account is automatically recharged if the amount falls below a minimum.

For accessing the premium content we provide local numbers (DID) that are included in caller’s flatrate tariff and other technologies. This garatuees maximum acceptance by callers with minumum costs.