Domestic 0900 premium rate numbers

Various contents and countries.
Maximum payout and easy to manage!

0900 premium rate Europe

Access to your premium content from all over Europe

Our domestic 0900 premium rate numbers grants your customer access to your service Europe-wide at best payout. We route incoming call to your callcenter or platform by TDM or SIP/VoIP.

Key Features

  • domestic 0900 premium rate numbers to access your services from more than 15 countries in Europe
  • high user tariffs to finance live content
  • minute based oder drop charge tariffs available in many countries
  • Integration of First Telecom cloud-based solutions such as ACD (automated call distibution), IVR (interactive voice response) and ASR (automated speech recognition)
  • hosted in the certified data center of First Telecom in Frankfurt / Germany
  • Worldwide termination of your calls via TDM or SIP / VoIP

Customer Benefits

  • International availability of domestic premium services
  • Detailed statistics of the use of your service numbers in one portal 


  • domestic premium rate numbers (0900) in more than 15 countries
  • contracts in German or English
  • powerful statistics
  • one bill for all countries
FlagCountryNumber rangeTarif max. per MinuteTarif max. per CallLead TimeRemarks
Austria0900, 930, 0901, 09313,64 Euro9,00 EuroApprox. 6 Business daysmax call duration:
-up to € 2,20: 60 minutes
-from € 2,20: 30 minutes
2,00 Euro6,00 EuroApprox. 15 Business dayscustomer support is not allowed on a Premium number. 
FranceFrance0891, 0892, 0899, 0892, 0897  0,80 Euro3,00 EuroApprox. 15 Business daysMax callduration; 30 minutes for rates above 25 cents per minute. Max spending limit : 500€ per month per callerID. 100€ per day per caller ID.
2,99 Euro30,00 EuroApprox. 6 Business daysWaiting loops : It is not allowed to use  fee charged waiting , neather at the beginning of a call nor in the middle of the call.
6,66 CHF10 CHFApprox. 6 Business daysMixed tariff possible
Max call duration/caller spending: 180 mins/CHF 400 per call.
Call handling as quick as possible
Waiting loops are not allowed
From CHF 10 per call or CHF 5 per minute the caller has to confirm the tariff by pressing a certain key combination.
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