Anonymous instant payments

Without registration to charge your customers directly via their phone.
Fixline or mobile!

Phone Payment

For service providers, site-owners and affiliates

kinds of content

  • Suitable for many kinds of digitals good like cam sites, VOD, e-sports, gaming, e-publishing, e-learning, e-chat, e-dating, memberships
  • all kinds of premium contents excluding gambling and betting

charging modells

  • Duration based
  • one off payment
  • in some countries even subscription directly through the phonebill
  • Easy to integrate API


  • from mobile: click2call
  • from landline: just pick up the phone and dial phone number to pay
    easy to integrate interface

instant payment

  • no registration
  • anonymous
  • high conversion rates
FlagCountryNumber rangeTarif max. per MinuteTarif max. per CallLead TimeRemarks
ÖsterreichAustria0900, 930, 0901, 09313,64 Euro9,00 EuroApprox. 6 Business daysmax call duration:
-up to € 2,20: 60 minutes
-from € 2,20: 30 minutes
2,00 Euro6,00 EuroApprox. 15 Business dayscustomer support is not allowed on a Premium number. 
FranceFrance0891, 0892, 0899, 0892, 0897  0,80 Euro3,00 EuroApprox. 15 Business daysMax callduration; 30 minutes for rates above 25 cents per minute. Max spending limit : 500€ per month per callerID. 100€ per day per caller ID.
2,99 Euro30,00 EuroApprox. 6 Business daysWaiting loops : It is not allowed to use  fee charged waiting , neather at the beginning of a call nor in the middle of the call.
6,66 CHF10 CHFApprox. 6 Business daysMixed tariff possible
Max call duration/caller spending: 180 mins/CHF 400 per call.
Call handling as quick as possible
Waiting loops are not allowed
From CHF 10 per call or CHF 5 per minute the caller has to confirm the tariff by pressing a certain key combination.

Example for a Minute Payment

Your customer wants to join a premium cam service on your website thats payed per minute. To join the cam service he can call:

  1. An extended Premium Number, e.g. 0900-5-999 666 – 143. The extension 143 identifies your customer and gives him access to your service.
  2. A standard Premium Number, e.g. 0900-5-999 666. An automated voice message will tell your customer to enter the PIN code (e.g. 143) displayed by your web portal to identify your customer.

Now, the customer is connected to your service and has to hold the line until he decides to leave your service. He will be charged e.g. 1,99 € per minute or up to 30€ per call.

He will pay the charged amount via his telephone bill, which he will usually get at the end of the month.


  • anonymous, no credit card needed
  • the customer is charged for the actual time he’s connected to your service (based on minutes)
  • transparent, anonymous and easy method to connect your customers with your services
  • flexible price range
  • the customer do not need to register and can start instantly