Turnkey Solution for site-owners and affiliates.

Make more revenue in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other countries.

Commission model

  • Duration is rewarded. We pay you for each minute that is generated on the live service.
  • Low chargebacks for you.
  • Low risk for you.

Earn lifetime revenues

  • Many callers are calling again. You earn again.
  • Revenue streams can be subscription like, which generates recurring revenues for you.

High conversion rates

  • NO redirect pages or other conversion killers.
  • NO payment pages, automatically done via the call.
  • NO need for complicated registration, e-mail handshake or banners.
  • NO long approval process.

All possible marketing types in use. Display the premium number in e.g. banners, in-Video ads, i-frames, pop-unders, e-mail and tubes.

Strong market need of interactive live services!

Live services such as webcam and chatS are still booming.
Consumers demand more than just tube site videos, they want the real deal.
A real person to talk to.

Real time conversion reporting

  • real time revenue overview.
  • Tracking of recurring callers.
  • measure the lifetime revenue.
  • optimize your marketing.

Niches and classic interests

  • live services in more than 100 niche.
  • simple advertisment via varying extension numbers or IVR PIN codes.


  • standardized HTTP-push.
  • timestamp, session/webmaster id, revenue, geo dynamic session IDs with our API.
  • association of calls with clicks.

How it works

  • Push to talk functionality
  • dialing the premium number
  • LIVE talk to the chat partner

Statistic of all incoming calls and duration time in real time via http push.
Calculate the revenue of your conversion.

We pay you!